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Agriya Infoway has a team of enthusiastic designers who can provide you services as per your requirements. We provide you our dedicated

  • Web Designers
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Web Programmers
  • Data processing Operators
  • Customer Support Executives

Hire-a-Designer NEEDS

At TemplateMuseum.Com we have been providing Web Designing/Graphic Design solutions and providing off site personnel to companies for over two years. As a global design company we provide our clients with designers who know their business and job. We stand behind our commitment to:

  • Provide the most qualified, flexible and skilled talent in the industry.
  • Enhance our client's workforce productivity.
  • As a client

    TemplateMuseum.Com provides a broad array of talented designers working to meet your commercial designing needs. Our designers are recruited and selected for their skills, work experience and commitment to quality; our professionals are industry specialists in the fields web designing, graphic designing, logo/banner designing, flash animation, flash action scripting.

    TemplateMuseum.Com provides temporary, temp-to-hire & direct hire services. To support your flexible workforce, we offer skills-specific divisions ranging from web designers and graphic designers to flash designing/scripting and programming.

    Service Options

    Our clients appreciate the wide variety of staffing options available. We tailor our programs to specifically meet our client's needs, whether it is a two-day contract work or long-term project work specific to their organization.


    For clients who need candidates on an as-needed basis, our temporary hiring option is ideal. Our highly qualified designers are available for flexible, short-term needs, seasonal and project-specific work.


    Our Temp-to-Hire staffing option is designed specifically for clients interested in "trying out" a situation before making a long-term commitment. Our designers will work on a temporary basis and transition to a permanent position after an established period of time. Direct Hire

    TemplateMuseum.Com hires a designer to the client, where client will be put the designer directly. Communication can be arranged they IM’s like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, SKYPE or any other preferred source of the client.

    Skills Options

    Web/Graphic Designer

    Person skilled in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Slicing, HTML & CSS(Basics of CSS)

    Flash Designer

    Person skilled in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML & Flash.

    Flash Action Scripting

    Person skilled in Flash Action Scripting Programming.

    CSS Designer

    Person skilled in converting HTML or PSD designs to CSS templates.

    PHP Programmers

    Person specialized in LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP), with good knowledge in HTML.


    Temporary Temp-to-Hire Direct Hire Web/Graphic Designer $10/hr or $100 which ever is highest. Worked out on requirement/project basis. $999 per month

    Flash Designer $10/hr or $100 which ever is highest. Worked out on requirement/project basis. $1499 per months

    Flash Action Scripting $15/hr or $100 which ever is highest. Worked out on requirement/project basis. $1999 per month

    CSS Designer $8/hr or $100 which ever is highest. Worked out on requirement/project basis. $899 per month

    PHP Programmers $9/hr or $100 which ever is highest. Worked out on requirement/project basis. $999 per month

    All the above mentioned rates are not fixed; they can be negotiated based on client’s budget, after a conversation with the client, so if you need any clarification please email us at admin@templatemuseum.com.

    Also we are open for any new suggestions or ideas on our services, please send across your suggestions or ideas to admin@templatemuseum.com.

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