Online Website Design Builder - Web Site Builder Tools

by Anthony McMurray


Have you ever used an online website design builder? If so you may have been left with a less than professional website. Most of these tools are not what you would call a professional solution for designing or building your website. No matter how hard you try they are not going to turn out a professional website.

These tools will insert poor code and a lot of time your website will suffer from "code bloat" in other words there will be a lot of extra code that you are not even using. Although this is behind the scenes and your visitors can see it unless they do a "view source" and look at your code this causes serious problems concerning load time and it can affect your search engine rankings. Think about it, if you have all this "extra code" in your website then the search engine spiders have to dig through this junk just to get the relevant information they are looking for.

Online website design tools are just programs written by people, they cannot think, they cannot make recommendations or tell you that some element in the design you are creating is not going to be best for you. These programs will do exactly what you tell them to do so unless you are an experienced website design professional you will probably be in trouble and besides if you were a website design professional you would not be using a tool like this.

Is your competition using some online website builder? If you think so then think again. How will you expect to outsell or out rank your competition on the search engines if you are driving a Volkswagen and they are driving a Ferrari? It's just not going to happen.

What is the difference between online website design builder tools and Content Management Systems or CMS? A lot! The online website design builder tools are for designing the layout of your site, the code behind your site and the elements that will make your site usable by your visitors and viewable and rank able by search engines.

Content Management Systems will allow you to update the content of your website and keep it fresh for your visitors and for the search engines. Unlike online builder tools a good Content Management System fits inside an already designed professional website layout.

The content you place within the pages of your website will affect your sales and your search engine rankings but there is little danger that you will destroy your website by using a good CMS.

Anthony McMurray is the owner of Proimpulse Website Design a 6 year old professional website design and marketing firm offering website design services and website marketing services. Contact us today before you spend money on an online website design builder program or if you already have an existing website that was created with one of these programs let us show you how much more is possible if you have a website designed the right way.

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