Cascading Style Sheets

CSS3: Changing the face of modern day web designing In the modern era of regular web development, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are style sheet languages used for describing presentations of documents that are written in different markup languages. The simplest applications of these style sheets are seen in style websites, which are written in XHTML or HTML. This language is also applied for almost all XML documents including XUL and SVG.

CSS3 is the latest style sheet format, which is in a continuous developing stage. It is perfect for the evolving specifications of XHTML and has been continuously under modularization for the same. You find numerous areas where CSS3 has made its mark.

It is amongst the most powerful and comfortable tool for any user. Let us discuss some important advantages of CSS3 that has led to its popularity. Usage of style sheet Before the inception of CSS3 or as a matter of fact any other versions of CSS, web designers were utilizing HTML markup for denoting border size, font colors and background styles.

However with CSS concept, these features moved into an area of separate style sheets making users have an easy and comfortable time in HTML markup. CSS3 allows changes and modifications to be made in individual modules. Again, testing of these modules is also carried out with it. This allows integration of the overall system and simplifies the maintenance procedure.

Isolation & Differentiation CSS3 concept helps users in separating presentations from structures. Prior to this concept, web designers used HTML markup for depicting a heading to different formats in a page. The HTML structure was tough for managing, as markups required repetition for every heading while applying them. This made the presentation and maintenance more complex.

However with CSS3 concept, presentations got separated from the structure. In this case, style sheets defined presentational characteristics whereas the document structures were defined in separate heading. Separation of structure and presentation concept can help users for maintaining their web page in an easier, comfortable and efficient manner. Henceforth, it helps in developing the systems on each module basis. Thus, it provides a more flexible system. Helps in achieving Multi-Column Layouts Multi-Column Layouts are important features that are available only with CSS3 concept.

It allows users in flowing content of different elements into different multiple columns. It provides users with a feature of auto-scrolling. Your texts are wrapped in such a manner that they become more user-friendly and simultaneously simpler for reading. All these text features are carried out without making shorter lines or words. Again, everything can be embedded in one page only. Henceforth, it makes an economical and comfortable stay for you on the web world.

Handling Flexibility CSS3 concept also provides users with handling flexibility in web designing, as CSS3 styled information can be kept as separate documents. Again if the user desires, they can attach the information within HTML documents. These multiple formatted style sheets are easily imported anywhere too.

Henceforth, it can be easily seen that CSS3 concept has changed the face of web designing with its introduction into the web world.

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