How To Make The Decision Between XM And Sirius Satellite Radio

XM and Sirius, the two American providers of satellite radio, share the market for satellite radio service. XM had a year's head start, but Sirius still managed to get half of the audience. Both types of satellite services offer similar programs.

So what's the best one to choose? XM offers 136 streams while Sirius only offers 119. Another benefit that XM has over Sirius is that it offers 2 premium channels, Playboy and High Voltage. Sirius does not offer premium channels.

Two of the categories that these satellite providers are battling over are music and news. Let's compare what each has to offer. Music Streams Both of these satellite services pretty much offer the same amount of music steams. Sirius offers 65 and XM offers 68. There is a variety of types of music to choose from on both stations so you will not get bored.

Music Decade Choices XM has the advantage over Sirius on this one, because it offers music from the 40's. On the same token, Sirius offers music from the 90's, as well as current hits. Plus, both stations offer music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Country Music Both satellite services offer country music. You can listen to country hits, classic country, alternative country and country mixes.

XM wins this category, since it offers 5 streams over Sirius' 4. If variety in country music is important to you then XM is the best choice in this category. Rock Music Sirius has a slight edge in this category, by offering 15 streams. XM offers 14.

Still, both offer subgenres and remain very competitive in this area. Because both Sirius and XM radio offer several rock music options you will always be able to find a station to fit your mood, no matter which satellite service you are using. Dance and Latin Music Both XM and Sirius offer Dance and Latin categories of music.

The Latin subgenres include Mexicana and tropical music. Sirius offers 6 streams in this category. XM offers 4. Either way, both stations get you up and dancing.

Other Genres Both stations offer hours of different types of music. From Classical to Jazz, there's something for everyone. Sirius also offers Urban music. The great quality of music that they both offer is why many are turning to satellite radio. News Comparisons Sirius wins for the number of news streams.

Sirius offers 13 of these streams while XM offers 11. Both offer many news stations, such as FOX, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and MSNBC. They also offer news stations presented in different languages. Final Analysis With both offering so many music and news programs, as well as talk shows and other forms of entertainment, it's difficult to decide which one is the better choice. One thing is certain. With almost endless entertainment being offered by both services, it's definitely worth it to subscribe to either one of them.

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