FortyTwo Million iPods Which is Mine

In Apple's latest press release you will find that the famous iPod has clearly made its way to number one for multimedia players. It's like a car; you don't notice just how many of them are out there until you buy one. Personalizing iPods is becoming as popular as personalized cell phones and Hondas. There are many companies who can engrave your iPod for you but if you want to go a step further, you can get it modified. Depending on the model, there are different colored screens, casings and so much more. One of the most distinct iPod modifications is changing the color.

Not only can you change the faceplate of an iPod, but you can also change the buttons and even the screen. How great is it to personalize an iPod with your own style. Say goodbye to boring white. Try colors including blue, green, red, purple, or orange.

In addition to modifications, there are a plethora of iPod accessories to make your iPod experience more comfortable. Purchase A/C chargers, headphones, USB cables, docks, and RCA jacks. There are accessories to fit into any lifestyle.

With the growing popularity of these peripherals, another need is repair. With more and more use, unlike any other gadget, iPods will have a fair share of wear and tear. In most cases, screen repair is a must. Without the use of a protective case, scratches, water damage and such can cause your screen to become hard to read. Other repairs include sound problems, hard drive upgrades, and liquid damage.

Also, if you use your iPod on a regular basis you will find that after an average of one year the battery seems to show signs of fatigue and it will just not hold a charge as long as it used to. A more powerful battery replacement is also a great idea. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Why not just buy iPod parts and repair your own iPod. Instead of sending off your iPod and waiting for the repair. Purchasing iPod parts is a great and hopefully quicker alternative.

You may purchase individual screens, hard drives and batteries. With this popularization of iPods, there is a growing need for individualization and repair.

Ruben Soliman is a frequent and experienced iPod user. For a full list of modifications you can go to websites such as to get an iPod repair estimate or purchase modifications and parts.

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