n Introduction to Web Browser And Some of The Popular Browsers

A software application that allows for the browsing of the World Wide Web it is a window to world wide web. .A web browser is a software application that enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music and other information typically located on a Web page at a website on the World Wide Web or a local area network.

. .Text and images on a Web page can contain hyperlinks to other Web pages at the same or different website. . .Web browsers allow a user to quickly and easily access information provided on many Web pages at many websites by traversing these links.

Web browsers format HTML information for display, so the appearance of a Web page may differ between browsers. . .Web browsers communicate with Web servers primarily using hypertext transfer protocol to fetch WebPages. HTTP allows Web browsers to submit information to Web servers as well as fetch Web pages from them.

The most commonly used HTTP is HTTP/1.1, has its own required standards that Internet Explorer does not fully support, but most other current-generation Web browsers do. . .

Another type of browser is mobile browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA. Mobile browsers are optimized so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable devices. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity and low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices. .

.Following is the list of some popular browsers. .Opera. .Opera Software ASA develops the Opera Web browser and is an industry leader in the development of Web browsers for the desktop and device markets.

Opera offers a combination of features unlike any other Internet browser that will allow you to experience the web a new way. . .

For example, through voice commands you can navigate the web and even have Opera read the text to you. Other convenient browsing features include an integrated search function, customizable toolbars and thumbnail previews. .Internet Explorer. .Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 8 will interpret web pages according to strict W3C standards by default.

Internet Explorer 7 provides improved navigation through tabbed browsing, web search from the toolbar, advanced printing, easy discovery, reading and subscription to RSS feeds. .New features: Advanced printing automatically scales a webpage for printing Instant Search box Favorites Center RSS feeds automatically detects RSS feeds Tabbed browsing view multiple sites in a single browser window Quick Tabs Tab Groups Page zoom. .Netscape . .

The another popular browser is Netscape. The Netscape is having following feature. .Mozilla Features . .

Since Navigator 9 is based on Mozilla, it has all the latest Mozilla features. . .

URL Correction Navigator 9 will automatically correct common typos in URLs. . .Link Pad . .

A new sidebar feature that allows you to save links/URLs that you want to visit later without cluttering your bookmarks. . .Extension Compatibility Navigator 9 will let you install extensions that are compatible with Firefox 2. . .

Sidebar Mini Browser . .Bookmarks and links can be open in the sidebar. .

.Resizable Textarea . .Drag the bottom-right corners of text fields in forms to add more typing space.

. .Tab History . .Opening a link in a new tab will give the new tab the same history as the source tab. .

.OPML Support . .Navigator 9 supports importing and exporting your bookmarks in OPML format.

. .Combined Stop/Reload button .

.To save space in your toolbar, the stop and reload buttons are combined. . .Mozilla FireFox. .

Mozilla Firefox has 22 categories of add-ons to customize and enhance your web browsing experience. Categories include blogging, tools, entertainment, humor, news, privacy and security and more. . .

You can add style to your browser with skins and themes. Or, equip your browser bar with a dictionary or add a media toolbar with games and other forms of entertainment. Some of features are as below:. .

Improved Tabbed Browsing Spell Checking Search Suggestions Session Restore Live Titles Integrated Search Live Bookmarks Pop-up Blocker Phishing Protection Protection from Spyware Clear Private Data An Add-on for Everyone Add-ons Manager for Extensions and Themes Search Engine Manager .

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