Paid Search Management and Pay Per Click Explained

Paid Search Management is a search engine marketing method where the advertisers pay for every click the network brings to their sites. This method of online marketing has become hugely popular with the introduction of Google Adwords. The early form of Paid Search Management started with banner ads and advertisements on specific industry sites. What makes Adwords so successful is that it's a lot more targeted because your Ads will only appear if somebody searches for it.

Optimum7 specializes in Google Adwords Paid Search Management as well as Overture. (Yahoo Network) There are 4 significant steps to Paid Search Management; 1. RESEARCH We believe that each industry is different and each business might have different marketing strategies and goals. Therefore Research is the key step in planning successful Paid Search Marketing.

Optimum7 focuses on the specific business and their industry and runs extensive Keyword and Competition Analyses. This ensures that the Campaign is relevant to the Clients needs included the all-important budget. Optimum7 researches on behalf of its clients as it is rarely known, up front which advertising terms or strategies are best in terms of the client's objectives. 2. CAMPAIGN, AD GROUP & ADS CREATION All the data collected from the research is evaluated and optimized by Optimum7 Consultants and implemented into a newly created Paid Search Management Campaign.

Targeted location (geography) is essential as most businesses wish to focus on certain locations of the world for their advertisement. Optimum7 also specializes in creating multiple campaigns where one campaign targets a specific location while other campaigns can simultaneously target a specific region or the entire US. Optimum7 is expert in the guidelines and flexibilities of the Paid Search arena to create sophisticated blends of tactical methods methods as part of an ongoing Paid Search strategy.

Optimum7 Copywriters create the Ad Text specific to each keyword and ad group. This step is essential as this Ad Text is what the users will see once they hit the paid search results. Optimum7 knows the fine line between advertising (just being there) and actually appealing to the consumer. 3. BID MANAGEMENT Once all the specified keywords are implemented along with Ad Texts, Optimum7 formulates strategy to manage the Bids for each keyword.

Optimizing the bidding strategy is essential as there's a thin line between spending too much money, or too little. Optimum7 can calibrate your campaign to fit within this fine line to bring the top targeted and relevant traffic to your site. 4. LANDING PAGES Landing pages are another key factor in a successful Paid Search Campaign. They should include content, images or videos relevant to the search term and the ad text, and include a clear "call to action" such as a form submission or a phone call.

Optimum7 specializes in optimizing your landing page(s) for highest conversions resulting in increased ROI. 5. ONGOING STATS Ultimately, analyzing stats will determine the success quotient of a Paid Search Campaign. Analyzing key data including CTR (Click Through Rate), Average Time Spent on Site and Conversion Rates enables our clients to see where your campaign is performing well and where improvements and adjustments are required.

Optimum7 takes this task very seriously as we monitor every client's PPC account daily. This process enables us to maximize returns by eliminate any non-performing terms or ads and emphasizing ads that have established a winning track record Optimum7 Paid Search Management is a valuable service for those seeking improved sales and profitability and immediate visibility on the search engines as part of a well balanced, well coordinated online marketing strategy. Give us a call for a free no obligation consultation to optimize or create your Paid Search Campaign. is an Internet Marketing Company with primary focus on Paid Search Management. offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are. Pay Per Click Management.

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