Ways To Speed Up Computer Run your Computer Faster

You may wonder about ways to speed up your computer in order for you to maximize your time in doing your tasks. All of us know that it could give anyone a great deal of burden whenever our computers slow down on their tasks, so it is very important for everyone to have a little bit of knowledge regarding different tweaks that you could easily do to speed up a computer. First is getting rid of the shortcuts that you do not have any use for in your desktop. We often find a lot of icons in our computer desktops that we do not use, and these short cut keys relatively slow down the processes of your computer. You do not really need to worry about losing access to these files, since you are only removing the short cut keys and not the program itself. Or if you really have programs that you do not have any use of, you may uninstall these programs.

Just make sure that you do not really need to use the program in the future if you do need them again, you have a ready installer with you so that you may easily install the programs once again when you need them. Another one of the ways to speed up your computer is to free up disk space. The Disk Cleanup option has the capability to remove temporary Internet files, and downloaded program files, among others.

We may think that these programs do not do anything to contribute to the slow down of your computer, but think again. Letting these programs stay in your computer once they all file up is a big cause for major computer slow downs. All you need to do to access the Disk Clean up is to go to the Start button, then to All Programs, then Accessories and System Tools. Access the Disk Cleanup option on it, and after clicking, you will be asked on the type of drive that you want to clean up. In the dialog box prompted in the Disk Cleanup option, choose the files that you want to delete by scrolling through it and checking the list of files that you want, and clearing the boxes for the programs that you do not want to remove.

Click OK when prompted to remove the desired files. The Disk Defragmenter is also one way to speed up computer in no time. When the files are fragmented, it will still take some time for the computer to search for the hard disk and put these files back together. This will take a relatively longer response time for the computer, thus slowing it down. To do this, go to the Start button, then point to All Programs, and point to System Tools.

Click on the Disk Defragmenter option. Analyze the number of files which needs to be defragmented first before undergoing the whole process. After knowing the number of fragmented files, you may now run this option.

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