Graphic Design

Graphic Design refers to a specialized area of the Visual Arts for commercial, advertising or educational purposes. Learn all you need to know from our vast graphic design resources.


The Difference between Web and Graphic Design

by Andy Eaton

Designing for web and print are two different experiences. Just because a designer is good at one doesn’t mean they’ll be good at the other. It’s necessary to understand that web and print share many similarities, but they also have many differences. [ more ]

The Graphic Design Process

by Andy Eaton

Non-designers often misunderstand the design process. Good graphic design involves much more than playing with graphics. A good designer spends time thoroughly planning his or her design before any designing actually occurs. [ more ]

Optimal Graphic Design

by Andy Eaton

Pleasing graphic design can be broken down into four steps. Any good designer knows that designing involves more than throwing elements on a page. Want to know how to create professional looking documents? Well, keep reading. [ more ]

Why Do You Need Web Design?

by Andy Eaton

Most people are still getting used to the new paradigm in advertising. With the internet seeing more and more users each year, having a website is a definite advantage. [ more ]

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